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WARFARm is a real time strategy farm game. Your Goal is to earn more Money in 7 days than your neighbour. Therefor you can buy different kinds of plants - with different abilities - to defend your other plants from the zombies your neighbour sends at night. THIS IS A VERY VERY EARLY VERSION - If you find bugs you can leave a short message in the comments to help me fix them :) Thanks for playing!


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Seems like it could be an interesting game but as it stands I found it very difficult to play. I had to search around for a while before I found where you could buy plants. Once I found it and bought one, it was night time and before the plant finished growing an enemy came and destroyed it. I wasn't able to do anything after that since I had no plants and no money.

I understand the game is in early development and would be interested to see what direction it takes in the future.